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PA thanks China for sending aid to Gazans in hour of need: Palestinian diplomat

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The ambassador of Palestine to Egypt has extended his country’s sincere gratitude to the Chinese government and people for providing timely humanitarian aid supplies to the conflict-ridden Gaza Strip.

Diab al-Louh made the remarks at a ceremony held on Sunday in the Egyptian capital Cairo to mark China’s aid effort, which was also attended by Chinese Ambassador to Egypt Liao Liqiang and Executive Director of the Egyptian Red Crescent Rami Al-Nazer.

He extended the sincere thanks and respect of the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian people to China for kindly providing help in times when the Gazan people are mired in a humanitarian disaster.

According to the Chinese ambassador, China had recently shipped eight trucks of aid supplies, including cans, biscuits, milk, honey, and drinking water to Egypt’s Arish City, which will then be transferred to the coastal enclave via the Rafah border crossing, seen by many as a lifeline for people in Gaza.

Liao said that China has actively played its role as a responsible major country since the eruption of the Israel-Hamas conflict, and had previously announced to provide food, medicine and other urgent humanitarian assistance to the Strip.

He also expressed thanks to the assistance of the Egyptian Red Crescent.

Al-Nazer, for his part, said the Egyptian side highly appreciates China’s provision of humanitarian aid to Gaza and will continue to provide support for the entry and distribution of the supplies.

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