The parliamentary committee in Egypt has given the green light to a new legislation that aims to make amends for construction violations

By Mary Nady

On Wednesday, a government-sponsored bill was approved by a joint parliamentary committee that aims to simplify the process for citizens to resolve their construction violations.

The highly-anticipated bill replaces a previous law from 2019 that has caused difficulties for citizens seeking to reconcile with state authorities regarding their construction violations. According to Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Alaaeddin Fouad, the new draft bill will streamline the process for owners of illegal buildings to make amends with municipal authorities and become legitimate by paying reconciliation fees.

This move, Fouad explains, is part of the government’s effort to establish a new construction code that will be respected by all parties involved. The bill has gone through extensive discussions to address all issues related to construction violations. Under the bill, individuals who pay their reconciliation fees in full or through installment payments over a period of five years will receive a 25% discount.

The bill also legalizes constructions that were built without proper authorization on state-owned land or with a unique architectural style, as long as the reconciliation fees are paid. In order to process the reconciliation requests, committees will be formed in all governorates as mandated by the bill. The collected reconciliation fees will be allocated towards the construction of affordable housing units for low-income citizens, according to the parliamentary affairs minister. Mohamed El-Fayoumi, head of the housing committee, stated that the bill is in the best interest of citizens as it provides them with an easier way to resolve construction disputes and violations.

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