NTRA Imposes EGP 20 Million Fine on Telecom Egypt Following Telecom Infrastructure Breakdown

By Menna Majd

In response to a recent breakdown in telecom services, Egypt’s National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has imposed a fine of EGP 20 million on Telecom Egypt (WE). The penalty, disclosed on Friday, addresses the disruptions to voice and internet services that affected users across different regions earlier in the week.

Recognizing the impact on users, the NTRA directed operators, including WE, to adhere to public compensation rules.

This ensures that affected customers are appropriately compensated, safeguarding their rights during service breakdowns.

WE attributed the service disruptions on Tuesday to a technical issue affecting a vital network device, causing nationwide internet service issues. Users reported disruptions for several hours, prompting a swift response from the NTRA.

The repercussions extended beyond private users, impacting Egypt’s Public Prosecutor’s Office and disrupting digital services related to traffic prosecution and official documents on social status and family prosecutions.

WE promptly restored internet service across the country within a day, dispelling rumors of an underwater cable rupture circulating on social media. To address the inconvenience caused, WE announced compensation measures, providing an additional 10 GB on all internet packages for its customers, accompanied by a formal apology for the disruption.

Telecom Egypt, recognized as the largest provider of fixed-line internet services in the Middle East and Africa, responded efficiently to the challenges presented by the breakdown. As of August 2023, Egypt recorded 11.7 million ADSL subscriptions, 2 million USB Modem users, and 69.7 million mobile internet users, according to figures from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

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