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Representative of the Estonian delegation at COP 28: We hope that the outcome of the negotiations will be fruitful

By Manal Abdel Fattah

On the sidelines of the COP28 climate summit, currently being held in the United Arab Emirates, “Al-Mawq3” website conducted a press interview with the representative of the Estonian delegation at the climate summit, Yusuf Wimm, about many issues related to the climate.

To the dialogue:

First of all, how do you find COP 28 discussing all of the climate changes? How is it going with all of the partnerships? Also with other countries, with other organizations?
Well, I’m very happy to be here because it’s an opportunity to meet all of the companies, countries and cities who are trying to find solutions to tackle climate change.

We don’t know yet what is the outcome of the negotiations, but we are hopeful that they will be fruitful and meanwhile we’re using this opportunity to connect with everyone who can better the ways we tackle climate changes.

Have you visited other pavilions? Have you visited other countries? To who are the people or the organizations that you’ve seen that are very close to your strategies?
Well, of course the closest to our strategies are other European countries, but it’s interesting to look around here because the changes in climate have different effects on many different areas and it’s to Arabic countries and also to different American countries’ pavilions.

So I have tried to see and meet as many people as possible and as many countries as possible. So I wouldn’t bring out anyone specifically. I would say that every meeting and every opportunity here has been very huge and I would hope that it will be fruitful.

Wherever we go, when we speak of climate changes, people and countries and organizations always mention funds so that they support countries or support even on the personal level, support people, support SMEs, give them enough funds for the climate change transitions.

Did Estonia do the same?
Well, of course it’s an important question how to fund all of the transition because we have now realized that because more than 75% of the greenhouse gasses come from the cities, because this is where most of the people live, then all of the kind of fighting against climate change has to be done together with the cities.

But we can’t forget the private sector, all of the companies, because innovation is made by the companies.

And in Estonia as well, we are trying to find new ways to, to fund tackling Italian specifically. We’re also looking for new green technologies. We offer them testing opportunities in order for them to better their products or to come out to the real market.

So as Estonia and Italy have been known for their digital solutions, we are now trying to bring the world our green solutions.

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