The internet in Egypt has been restored after a period of disruption: we

Telecom Egypt (WE) declared on Wednesday that internet connectivity in Egypt had been fully restored throughout the country, after experiencing disruption due to a technical malfunction with one of its primary network devices. The company firmly refuted rumors circulating on social media about a potential rupture in one of the underwater cables. Additionally, WE announced that its valued customers would receive an added 10 GB on all internet packages as compensation for the inconvenience caused.

The company expressed its sincere apologies for the disturbance. In the late hours of Tuesday, there were service interruptions in some regions in Egypt. Boasting the title of the largest provider of fixed-line services for internet, Telecom Egypt covers the Middle East and Africa. According to the data from Egypt’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, as of August 2023, there were 11.7 million ADSL subscriptions, 2 million USB Modem users, and 69.7 million mobile internet users in Egypt.

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