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World Health Organization Adopts Resolution Calling for Urgent Aid to Gaza

By Ingy Ashraf,

On Sunday, the World Health Organization (WHO) passed a resolution calling for immediate aid to the Gaza Strip.According to a breaking news report by AlQahera News Channel, Palestinian factions destroyed 180 Israeli military vehicles in the last 10 days.The WHO disclosed the situation at Gaza’s Nasser Medical Complex, calling it “completely unsuitable” for providing any health services.

According to Reuters, the WHO reported that patients at Nasser Medical Complex are being treated on the ground while screaming in pain.

It also acknowledged that the continued shelling of Gaza is “horrifying.”Earlier, the spokesperson for the Civil Defense, Mahmoud Basal, revealed a clear and very large deficit in the capabilities of his teams and vehicles.Muhammad Basal informed the Palestinian news agency “Safa” that “our teams have not been spared from Israeli shelling.” He added on to say, “We are still appealing for the need to bring in teams and vehicles to support the Civil Defense in Gaza.”He added, “We cannot deal with the bodies under the rubble in Gaza and the north of the sector.”The Civil Defense spokesperson in Gaza revealed that thousands of martyrs are still trapped beneath the rubble and that rescuers are unable to reach them. He was referring to the Shujaiya massacre, in which the occupiers destroyed 50 homes on the heads of their families yesterday, killing around 300 people and injuring hundreds more.

In a related context, the spokesperson for the Israeli army, Daniel Haggagi, said that the Israeli Defense Force will continue the military operation against the sites and fighters of the Hamas movement.The spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces added, on Saturday, during a press conference, which was broadcast by AlQahera News Channel, that the Israeli army informed the family of “Saar Baroch,” one of the soldiers held by Hamas in Gaza, of his death by Hamas, pointing out that the Israeli Defense Force will continue to investigate the circumstances of his death.According to an Israeli Defense Forces official, the army and the General Intelligence Service will continue to work together with all intelligence efforts to release 137 Israeli captives to their families.

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