Presidential Election Day in Egypt

By Ingy Ashraf,

Across Egypt, polls opened their doors at 9:00 AM on December 10th, 2024, kicking off the presidential election. Over 11,600 polling stations, nestled within 9,376 electoral centers like schools, youth centers, and even health units, welcomed voters with a dedicated team of 110,000 employees ready to assist them throughout the process.

The Election Operations Room in Egypt held video conferences with the heads of polling stations in all governorates, represented by the presidents of the primary courts. This was done to closely monitor the voting process and ensure its smooth operation.
The heads of the voting places confirmed that both the general and subcommittees are functioning normally and that the voting process has been running smoothly since 9:00 AM.

The general members of the committee confirmed that 11,631 subvoting committees are currently operational. Only 376 subcommittees were delayed, and the last national committee to open was committee number 44 in the surrounding area of Al-Ayat in Giza Governorate due to its geographical location.

Since the beginning of the presidential elections, voting places for expatriates in the governorates have seen the highest turnout in different governorates. There are also voting places with large densities for women, and the committees were supported because of the densities.

Judges overseeing the presidential election have been directed to collaborate with all individuals authorized by the National Elections Authority. This includes media and press representatives holding monitoring permits, as well as local and international civil society organization delegates. The goal is to facilitate their work in line with the authority’s established regulations.
This was stated by the state information service.

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