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Sullivan stated that the Houthis represent a threat to Red Sea marine navigation.

By Ingy Ashraf,

Sullivan also emphasized that Palestinians evacuated from northern Gaza must be allowed to return, emphasizing the necessity for the Palestinian Authority to carry out a reform process with the US as a partner.

Sullivan also emphasized the need of handing over authority of Gaza to the Palestinians, adding that progress must be made in a timely manner.

According to the US national security advisor, Israel cannot reoccupy Gaza in the long run.
Sullivan also emphasized the importance of protecting Palestinian civilians, stating that there is a distinction between the Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian people.

According to Sullivan, the battle will enter a new phase that will center on the precise targeting of Hamas officials.
Sullivan went on to say, “Any threat to Israel from Hezbollah cannot be accepted.”

Sullivan also emphasized that the US wants to see results from Israel’s goal to avoid civilian losses in Gaza, and that the US and Israel have agreed that combating the Palestinian resistance movement “Hamas” will take months and will be carried out in stages.

The US national security advisor stated that he communicated with the chief of the Mossad regarding the hostage rescue operation.

Sullivan focused on the fact that it is not possible to talk about a timeline for Israeli operations in Gaza, stressing that he focused during the talks in Israel on the need for the operations to shift to be less intense.

Sullivan stated that his discussions with Israeli authorities about the operations in Gaza were good, and that he will discuss the expansion of Israeli rule in the West Bank with the Palestinian president.

Sullivan again emphasized the importance of a two-state solution, saying that he is striving to keep the war from spreading throughout the region.

Sullivan concluded his remarks by stating that his visit to Israel was to reaffirm the United States’ support for it.

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