El Gouna Film Festival sixth edition, known as the special edition, kicked off yesterday!

Written by Ingy Ashraf,

After two postponements due to the circumstances in our beloved Gaza, El Gouna’s sixth edition finally lit up the Red Sea on December 14th. This special edition, running until December 21st, carries a powerful message of cultural and humanitarian support.

Shining a Spotlight on Palestinian Cinema,
GFF’s dedication to Palestinian filmmakers takes center stage this year. By showcasing their work, the festival aims to raise awareness of the situation in Gaza, promote cultural understanding, and bring authentic Palestinian stories to a global audience. A special fundraiser dinner in collaboration with the Egyptian Red Crescent will support humanitarian aids in Gaza.

Elyanna, a Palestinian-Chilean singer, did genuinely perform at the festival’s opening ceremony on December 14th, Her performance conveyed a message of hope and resilience and standing in solidarity with Palestine, which aligned with the festival’s theme of “Cinema for Humanity.”

The festival opened with the Egyptian short film “60 Egyptian Pounds” by Amr Salama, and starring for the first time the Egyptian rapper Ziad Zaza, marking the first time a short film has received this a-lot of honor.
Choosing a short film to open the festival highlights GFF’s commitment to inclusivity and empowering fresh voices.

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