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Egyptian Investors Abroad Answer the Call to Invest in Egypt

Soha Gendi, Egypt’s Minister of Emigration and Expatriates’ Affairs, praised the unwavering patriotism and devotion of Egyptian investors living abroad, emphasizing their willingness to invest in their own nation.

This praise comes as part of the Ministry’s “Egyptian Investors Abroad Answer: Why Do We Invest in Egypt?” campaign.

Minister Soha Gendi emphasized the necessity of raising the Egyptian state’s continued efforts to attract investments. This campaign corresponds with the Ministry’s overall objective of aggressively engaging with investors overseas. The effort seeks to highlight significant opportunities in the Egyptian market as well as shed light on concrete steps taken to remove impediments and build a more favorable investment climate.

The campaign features video testimonials from several successful Egyptian experts and business leaders residing abroad, sharing their personal experiences and insights into investing in Egypt. This focus on real-life stories aims to inspire and encourage others to follow suit, highlighting the positive outcomes and potential for success.

One such example is Sameh El Masry, CEO of TAMAS Group in the UAE. Sameh El Masry compliments Egypt’s enormous and vibrant consumer market, along with its abundant investment options. He shows a strong desire to contribute to the growth of his country by investing in innovative and high-impact sectors. He emphasizes his unwavering commitment to pump his resources into Egypt, venturing into innovative and impactful sectors that will create jobs for the youth and attract even more investors.

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