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The European Union condemns Israel’s decision to provide additional funding for settlement construction

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The European Union is gravely concerned by the commitment of additional funding for settlement construction and related activities approved by the Knesset in the amended budget for 2023.

The EU reiterates its opposition to Israel’s settlement policy and activities, including in and around East Jerusalem. The approval of this additional budget comes in a context of increased violence against Palestinians by extremist settlers in the occupied West Bank, which has reached unprecedented levels.

The EU added: Since the Hamas attacks against Israel on 7 October, settler violence increased drastically with some 1.000 Palestinians being forced to abandon their homes.

The expansion of illegal settlements and the forced displacement of Palestinians undermine security in the West Bank. This does not make Israel safer.

Settlements constitute grave breaches of international humanitarian law, a major obstacle to the two-state solution, and a threat to regional stability.

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