Egyptian Air Defenses Intercept Unidentified Object Near Dahab

By Menna Majd

Egyptian air defense forces successfully intercepted and brought down an unidentified object on Saturday afternoon off the coast of the popular Red Sea resort town of Dahab. The object, detected flying at a low altitude, was engaged with and subsequently crashed into the sea approximately 1.5 kilometers from the shoreline.

No injuries or casualties on the ground have been reported.

At this time, the origin and nature of the airborne object remain under investigation. Authorities are dispatching investigative teams to the site of the interception to gather information and assess the situation. An official statement from Egyptian authorities is expected shortly.

This incident has understandably raised concerns about the object’s purpose and potential security implications in the region. Tourism officials are closely monitoring the situation and remain confident in the safety and security of visitors to Dahab and other Red Sea destinations.

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