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Chinese Investors Explore New Port Said City are looking for potential investment opportunities.

 BY Ingy Ashraf 

New Port Said City, is attracting a flood of Chinese investors. Chairman Tarek Gamal al-Din Mohamed recently met with members from the New Port Said City Development Authority and the General Authority for the Suez Canal Economic Zone to analyze the possibilities for successful partnership and investment prospects within the city.

The Chinese group began their tour by visiting the city’s seawater desalination plant. This strategic visit was to investigate the viability of using reject brine, a byproduct of the desalination process, for various projects. This unique method has the potential to open up new opportunities for sustainable development and resource utilization.

The focus then switched to housing. The delegation looked into the possibilities of providing housing for workers and personnel at a future factory planned with Chinese investment. This step demonstrates the city’s dedication to building a thriving ecosystem for businesses and their employees, encouraging a feeling of community and well-being.

The delegation also got a closer look at the city’s existing service initiatives, which include a school, medical center, market, social club, and kindergarten. This wide range of facilities demonstrates New Port Said’s commitment to creating a well-rounded, lively community that appeals to every aspect of life.

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