Schedule of screenings and events for the El Gouna Film Festival for the second day

Translated by Mary Nady

The activities of the second day of the 6th edition of the Gouna Film Festival continue with a schedule of film screenings and seminars.

On Saturday, December 16, a number of important films will be showcased, and a discussion with director Marwan Hamed, who is being honored at this year’s festival, will take place.

Here is the schedule of screenings:
– At the Gouna Conference and Press Center, the film “Goodbye Julia” will be screened at 6:30 PM.
– The film “The Outcasts” will be shown at 9:30 PM, and there will also be events including an African Cinema session at 10:30 AM with the attendance of Adel Toma, Hoda El-Mofty, Ahmed El Marzouki, and Bushra.

At the Odemax Theater in the German University, the following films will be screened:
– “Transient Happiness” at 12:30 PM
– “No Words” at 3:00 PM
– “Magnetic Resonance Hypnosis” at 5:15 PM
– “Totem” at 8:00 PM

In Cinema 1, the following films will be shown:
– “Kennedy” at 12:00 PM
– “Lost Land” at 3:30 PM
– “Hollywood Gate” at 6:15 PM

In Cinema 2, the following films will be screened:
– “Plastic Skies” at 11:30 AM
– “Deep High” at 3:15 PM
– “Non-Alignment: Scenes from the Boudouvidich Scrolls” at 5:45 PM
– “Steepness” at 8:30 PM, and in Ccinema 3 films show “Kung Fu Master” films at 11:00 am, “Condom Led” at 1:00 PM, “Not Just Your Picture” at 1:30 PM, “Boxboxes” at 3:00 PM, “Live, Dido!” “5:30 PM,” Seven Shtayyeh in Tehran “at 8:00 PM.

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