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$20 million…the outcome of Russia’s trade negotiations during its participation in the “Food for Africa” ​​exhibition in Cairo

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Over the course of three days, Russian food producers who showcased their products under the “Made in Russia” label at the “Food Africa 2023” exhibition conducted more than 250 interviews with potential partners, with the total potential results of these interviews estimated at $20 million. A contract worth one million dollars as part of the exhibition held in Cairo.

According to a statement issued by the Russian Embassy in Cairo, visitors to the pavilion and potential partners highly appreciated what Russian exporters offered of various types of grains, meat and dairy products, fresh frozen berries from the Republic of Karelia, sweets, high-quality canned fish, and various other types of foods. Russian producers at the exhibition “Food Africa” ​​presented packaging materials for the food industry, as well as logistics services.

A multilateral meeting was organized between the producers participating in the Russian National Pavilion and the representative of the agricultural products display and tasting pavilion in Cairo, in addition to a visit to one of the supermarket networks in Cairo and the Russian display and tasting pavilion. Within the framework of these activities, exporters were introduced to the possibilities of promoting their products in the “Good Food of Russia” pavilion. And ways to reach the shelves of Egyptian supermarket networks.

The “Food Africa 2023” exhibition was held between December 12 and 14 in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and 19 Russian products were represented within the framework of the national pavilion under the “Made in Russia” sign.

The Russian pavilion, which had an area of ​​more than 300 square meters, became one of the largest pavilions in the Egyptian exhibition. The national pavilion was organized by the Russian Export Center of the VIPRF group.

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