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The Bahraini Ambassador to Cairo participates in the opening of the exhibition of visual artist Farouk Mustafa

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Ambassador Fawzia bint Abdullah Zainal, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Arab Republic of Egypt and Permanent Representative to the League of Arab States, participated in the opening of the exhibition of the great plastic artist Farouk Mustafa, “My Story with Time,” at the Egyptian Opera House in Zamalek.

Ambassador Fawzia bint Abdullah Zainal praised the artistic works included in the exhibition that reflect glimpses of heritage, folklore and the beauty of nature, stressing the importance of plastic art in building bridges of cultural communication between peoples and advocating for the issues of the Islamic nation.

The exhibition witnessed the presence of many political, media and artistic figures, including Ambassador Khalil Ibrahim Al-Thawadi, Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States for Arab Affairs and National Security, screenwriter and art critic Farouk Abdel Khaleq, artist Ahmed Abdel Majeed, journalist Mustafa Kafafi, and journalist Marwa Al-Tobji, editor-in-chief of Half the World magazine. Journalist Heba Pasha, journalist Amira Montaser, and a number of major visual artists in Egypt and the Arab world.

The exhibition included 60 paintings in the field of oil photography that tell an aspect of the life of the artist Farouk Mostafa, in which he was influenced by the beauty of nature, heritage, Egyptian customs and traditions and shaped them with his unique artistic vision.

It is worth noting that the plastic artist Farouk Mustafa, one of the heroes of the October War, was born in 1945 and grew up in an artistic environment and mixed with many of the great plastic artists. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Education, is a member of the Plastic Artists Syndicate, and received the Creativity Award in Oil Painting at the Glories of the Revolution Exhibition in 1968. In 1994, he was classified among the list of “Forty Artists” in the world in one of the international art competitions. He held more than 30 individual and group exhibitions inside and outside Egypt, and has collections in ministries, agencies, and individuals. He received several local and international awards, medals, and certificates of appreciation. He has many Among the holdings of international institutions, ministries of foreign affairs, education, and businessmen.

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