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Netanyahu: Iran is violating all its nuclear obligations

Translated by_ Ingy Ashraf

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran by violating its obligations due to the seeking of Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, after Tehran announced the cancelling appointment and banning number of International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors, and Netanyahu said in a statement issued by his office that Israel isn’t surprised by what Iran’s doing ,which proves the continuous of violating all its obligations towards the international community.


On Saturday, the head of International Atomic Energy Agency Rafael Grossi announced that Iran has informed of its decision to revoke the accreditation of several international atomic energy agency inspectors who inspect uranium enrichment facilities, While Grossi condemned Tehran’s decision, he called on the Iranian government to reverse its decision and return to the path of cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA.


The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered that “the three European countries and the United States exploited the atmosphere of the Board of Governors for their own political purposes in an attempt to put forward additional demands and with the aim of destroying the atmosphere of cooperation between Iran and the agency.”



The United States and the European countries that joined the 2015 nuclear agreement (France, Germany, and Britain) refrained from submitting a draft resolution denouncing Iran’s lack of cooperation before the IAEA Board of Governors this week, but pushed for the issuance of a “joint declaration” urging Tehran to “move immediately” to resolve the outstanding issues. This was reported by Cairo News Channel.

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