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The launch of the work of the Egyptian Committee to prepare for the World Youth Festival in Russia 2024

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Egyptian Committee for Preparation for the International Youth Festival in Russia, March 2024, held a number of meetings to finalize preparations for participation in the festival.

The organizing committee of the festival in Egypt includes Engineer Ahmed Barani, “a member of the Presidential Program for Preparing Youth for Leadership,” as head of the committee, and Dr. Abdullah Al-Batash, Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports, Rapporteur, Sherif Gad, President of the Russian and Soviet Universities Alumni Association, Secretary-General, and Dr. Naji Al-Shehabi, “Head of the Generation Party,” member.

For his part, engineer Ahmed Barani, head of the Egyptian Preparatory Committee, indicated that 4,500 young men and women from Egypt had applied to participate in the festival, in addition to 120 young people in the age group from 13 to 17 years. Barani pointed out that this large number that registered to participate made Egypt is the first country in the Arab region and second in the world in terms of the number of those wishing to participate, which indicates the depth of relations between the Egyptian and Russian peoples.

Barani stressed that all procedures for evaluating and selecting participants are carried out in complete transparency and in accordance with the electronic evaluation system designed by the Russian side. Barani pointed out that the technical secretariat of the preparatory committee organizing the festival in Egypt relied on artificial intelligence in evaluating articles to provide impartiality to everyone.

Dr. pointed out Abdullah Al-Batash said that applicants to participate in the festival will be contacted to begin personal interviews next week, indicating that there are intensive preparations for the current version of the festival to emerge in the best possible way, and that there is continuous coordination and meetings around the clock among the members of the Egyptian committee, explaining that the committee is keen to put Clear rules for selecting participants with an objective assessment of the level of knowledge each person possesses, proficiency in foreign languages, with fair representation of both nationalities and taking into account geographical distribution, noting that the state is represented in the Ministry of Youth and Sports and under the guidance of His Excellency Minister Dr. Ashraf Sobhi supports Egyptian participation very much.

Sherif Gad, who headed the Egyptian delegation in the 2017 session, confirmed that the Egyptian state supported participation through the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Tourism, and Egypt was able to be among the best 7 countries out of 180 countries. Gad indicated that the state’s support for us in this session will help us provide distinguished Egyptian participation. We will present artistic performances through a musical singing show by the Al-Banadra band led by Maestro Mohamed Ezzat, and a ballet show inspired by ancient Egyptian civilization.

Dr. Naji Al-Shehabi pointed out that the 2024 session is different in terms of form and content, pointing out that the balance of power in the world is changing and our planet is on the cusp of a more secure and just multipolar world. Al-Shehabi pointed out that the young people participating in the festival represent the globe with all its different countries and languages ​​and their desire to Peace based on justice will prevail. He stressed that the Egyptian delegation will be keen to present its best to the peoples of the world and will be an expression of Egypt and its new republic.

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