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The Turkish ambassador in Cairo calls for the largest possible amount of aid to be brought into Gaza

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Egyptian seaport of Al-Arish received a joint Turkish-Kuwaiti aid ship, for the benefit of the people of the Gaza Strip.

Ambassador Salih Mutlu Şen, Turkey’s ambassador to Cairo, affirmed Ankara’s support for the residents of Gaza, demanding an immediate ceasefire in the Strip and allowing more humanitarian aid to enter.

Mutlu Shen said: “We are harnessing all of our available material capabilities to help our brothers in Gaza. We are with them to the fullest extent, and we urgently call for a truce, saving lives in Gaza, and rapid reconstruction.”

The Turkish ambassador in Cairo called for the entry of aid with the largest possible amount of food, clothing, and all medical and other supplies, in partnership with the Turkish and Kuwaiti Red Crescent, noting that a ship was loaded with aid and sent to Al-Arish in preparation for transporting it to the Gaza Strip with the help of the Egyptian Red Crescent.

He also said: “We must pay attention to the sincere assistance from our Egyptian brothers, the Egyptian Red Crescent, and all Egyptian authorities to deliver aid to the Gaza Strip, thanking the Egyptian leadership and people, hoping that peace will return to the Palestinian side as soon as possible.”

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