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”745 million hungry people globally”.. Food security and climate challenges are on United Nations discussion roundtable

At the middle of sharp international division and endless political and economic crises between the world’s major countries, The convening of the UN General Assembly at its 78th session is an opportunity to contain the humanitarian crises whose severity continues to rise as a result of the continuing tension between Russia and the West and its direct repercussions on countries’ economies and the future of global food security.

Despite the expected absence of leaders of permanent members of the Security Council, such as French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Richie Sunak, in addition to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Xi Jinping, The UN officials are counting on these meetings to persuade Russia to return to the agreement to export grains through the Black Sea.

The United Nation discussions aim to save the 17 sustainable development goals for the year 2030 after the number of hungry people in the world reached 745 million people in the world and fears of a lack of international funding to confront this crisis, this was a video report presented by a program, on the “Cairo News” channel.

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