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The Turkish Ambassador in Cairo: Erdogan wished President Sisi success

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Turkey’s ambassador to Egypt, Salih Mutlu, said that Turkey has always been linked to Egypt and pays great attention to Egypt’s regional status and role.

He added during a special interview, on Thursday evening, that Egypt’s security, stability, and growth were and still are important to Turkey, explaining that in the worst times there were ongoing discussions. At the level of Egyptian and Turkish diplomats in international forums.

He pointed out that Turkey is committed to and supports the stability, security and growth of Egypt, under the leadership of President Sisi, adding: “Erdogan wished success for President Sisi and this is a message that clarifies our position, and I say to the Egyptian and Turkish peoples that there is great trust between Presidents Sisi and Erdogan.”

He pointed out that the lack of communication caused misunderstandings between the two countries, but this crisis was resolved, adding: “I was discussing with many Egyptian diplomats, but when we were in our private lives, we would hug each other and talk cordially, but what the body language showed was “It is that we are friends or brothers.”

He stressed that Egypt and Turkey have good communication at the diplomatic and presidential levels.

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