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Turkish Ambassador to Cairo: Many of our companies want to enter the Egyptian market

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Ambassador Saleh Mutlu, Turkey’s ambassador to Egypt, said that his country is very open to helping develop the Egyptian economy by spreading the Turkish model, and how to achieve a level and standard of quality, noting that there are Turkish brands of very good quality inside Egypt.

The ambassador added during his meeting with MBC Misr channel, “Egypt wants to cooperate with Turkey on the industrial level, and by adopting the Turkish model, and at the same time there is the Egyptian market and the European market, and Egypt has agreements with these markets as well as investments.”.

The Turkish ambassador to Cairo continued that the Egyptian and Turkish economies complement each other and need each other, and Egypt respects Turkey’s economic experience, pointing out that Turkish companies will be interested in expanding in Egypt in many sectors, concluding: “I meet with them every month and every year. We see a lot of companies that want to go to the Egyptian market for trade and investment.”

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