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Russian praise for an Egyptian journalist delegation that participated in a foreign visit to four cities in Russia

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Egyptian press delegation returned to the homeland after an official visit to Russia, which included Talaat Ismail, Basant Al-Zaytouni and Ibrahim Aouf with an official invitation to learn about Russian projects in the field of food security and the prospects for cooperation between Russia and the countries of the world.

Russia received 29 journalists from 11 countries who visited 4 cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, and Novorossiysk.

The press delegation’s visit began with participation in a round table in the capital, Moscow, entitled “Grains as a Tool for Realizing Russia’s Export Potential in the Global Market,” with the participation of a group of Russian specialists. Then the large foreign press delegation set out, traveling between grain factories, some of which were founded in 1893, mills, silos, and packing and packaging factories, to get to know each other. On the latest technological capabilities provided by Russia in the field of food security, the visit included one of the Russian factories in Novorossiysk, which exports 80% of Russian grain to Egypt.

For her part, Evgenia Pavlikova, Assistant Director of the “Mind Mice” Foundation, praised the Egyptian press delegation, which was characterized by professionalism and full commitment in light of the very fast pace of 4 different and distant cities and locations on Russian territory, which created a good impression on the organizing committee, and Pavlikova looked forward to more Cooperation with Egyptian journalists.

Meanwhile, Sherif Gad, head of cultural activity at the Russian Cultural Center in Cairo and head of the Egyptian Association for Graduates of Russian and Soviet Universities, expressed his happiness with this praise from the Russian side. Gad thanked the journalist brothers who represented Egypt in this important official visit related to a very important aspect of Egyptian-Russian cooperation in the field. Food security, as Egypt ranks first among countries importing Russian wheat.

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