EGX Records Collective Losses … Market Cap Loses EGP 18 Billion

My Marie Nady

The Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) index closed collectively lower on Sunday, with market losses reaching EGP 18 billion.

The major stock index “EGX30” completely lost its morning gains and closed down about 199% at 23,822 points.

The small and mid-cap EGX70 index fell about 1.42% to 5,312 points.

The large-cap stock index “EGX100” also fell 1.61% to close at 7,639 points.

The total value of stock transactions reached EGP 3.23 billion, and the number of stocks traded reached 205 stocks, of which 33 stocks rose, 127 stocks fell, and 45 stocks were unchanged.

The market value of listed stocks lost approximately 18 billion Egyptian pounds, closing at 1.648 trillion Egyptian pounds, compared with the previous closing of 1.666 trillion Egyptian pounds.
Transactions by Arab and foreign investors tended towards buying, with a net value of EGP 26.97 million and EGP 4.92 million respectively.

This was a return to Egyptian investors on net sales worth EGP 31.9 million.

CIB today topped the ranking of trading brokers on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, with a trading volume of over EGP 1 billion and a market share of 17.6%, with approximately 7,230 transactions conducted in favor of trading on the Egyptian Stock Exchange. 71.13 million shares.

Thunder Trading ranked second with a market share of 10.7%, with a trading volume of EGP 617.43 million and approximately 67,970 transactions involving 224.9 million securities.

Al-Ahly Pharos ranked third with a market share of 9.5%, with a trading volume of EGP 547.8 million and 4,900 transactions involving 134.9 million securities.

“Mubasher” ranked fourth with a 7.8% market share, with a trading volume of EGP 451.9 million and 16,260 transactions involving 129.6 million securities.

“Hermes” ranked fifth in today’s stock exchange transactions with a trading volume of EGP 352.96 million and a market share of 6.1%, with 11,550 transactions involving 123.23 million securities.

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