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The Sultanate of Oman launches the “Tanmeya” application to enhance the development roles of municipal councils

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Yazan bin Haitham Al Said, Minister of Culture, Sports and Omani Youth, launched the Tanmeyah application, which was created by the Ministry of Interior to be the digital interface for municipal councils, and a link between Omani society and municipal councils in the governorates, and to enhance communication, transparency and trust between individuals and institutions, which leads to achieving sustainable development and improving work. My country.

The application is considered a qualitative leap in municipal work and is in line with the digital transformation in municipal work and in implementation of Oman Vision 2040. It comes to serve municipal work in the governorates and states, as it will serve members of the municipal council as well as citizens of all segments.

In its first version, the application holds municipal council meetings directly, and users of this application, whether governors or members of the municipal council, can communicate visually with citizens, and it has been made available to the public to learn about the application and express opinions about the services provided through it. This came during the 2023 Municipal Councils Symposium, which was organized by Ministry of Interior.

The insightful vision of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq for local administration was to be based on decentralization, as he paid attention to activating the role of municipal councils and developing the legislation regulating them. In his speech, at the opening of the Oman Council, he stressed that the role of municipal councils is not limited to municipal – local – affairs only, but rather that many specializations and roles have been assigned to them, directing the members of these councils to exploit the capabilities made available to them to work in innovative ways and advanced thinking, the positive effects of which are reflected in His Excellency. Citizens and their well-being.

The launch of the “Tanmia” application represents one of the tools that helps the delivery of ideas, proposals and visions, and the understanding of the recipient, the beneficiary and the citizen, and to be part of the development of the comprehensive system for the development of the governorates.

This symposium comes within the framework of the high interest regarding decentralization and giving municipal councils their real role in development, and there are many different powers that have been given to municipal councils, within the framework of which one can strive to activate them and make them a building block in all governorates of the Sultanate of Oman. The symposium’s activities included holding 4 sessions, presented During which 6 working papers aim to develop the work of municipal councils and target the theses of specialists in this service aspect, in addition to listening to the visions of council members and their proposals aimed at improving and improving the work, in addition to exchanging opinions and ideas related to the functioning of these councils and their advancement, for what would achieve the public good. Providing the service easily and conveniently.

The symposium seeks to familiarize members of municipal councils with the developmental and societal roles assigned to them in accordance with the amendments made to the municipal councils law, in order to educate municipal council members about the aspects that help them achieve the goals envisaged for the development and development of the governorates. The symposium also seeks to highlight the importance of integrating roles between governors and members of municipal councils and provides an opportunity to exchange experiences and develop future visions for the development of the governorates.

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