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The US fires down Houthi drones targeting ships in the Red Sea

Written by Ingy Ashraf,

On Saturday, the United States intercepted four drones aiming at a US destroyer and several commercial vessels in the Red Sea. These attacks, launched from Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen, represent the latest escalation in the confrontation between the Saudi-backed Yemeni government and the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

The drone shootdown was confirmed by US Central Command, and it was the 14th and 15th strike on commercial vessels by Houthi terrorists since October 17th. This concerning trend demonstrates the Houthi rebels’ contempt for marine safety and international law.

A tanker carrying the Norwegian flag narrowly avoided being attacked by a Houthi drone. Another ship, owned by Gabon and flagged by India, suffered damage from a drone strike.

Furthermore, two Houthi anti-ship ballistic missiles were launched from Houthi-controlled territories into international maritime routes in the Red Sea, though no ships were reported to have been struck by the missiles.

This incident emphasizes Yemen’s ongoing conflict and the possible threat presented by Houthi troops to foreign ships in the strategically important Red Sea waterway. The US response, which included shooting down the drones and acting to safeguard vessels, underscores the country’s commitment to regional maritime security.
The immediate response of CENTCOM in shooting down the drones, as well as the international community’s condemnation of the attacks, are critical measures in preventing future escalation and ensuring the safety of Red Sea maritime trade.

It however, highlights the critical need for a long term solution to the Yemen crisis in order to avoid more loss of life and economic misery.

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