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In the presence of the Ambassador of Oman.. The Yemeni Embassy in Cairo discusses how to combat genocide in Gaza

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Today, the Yemeni Embassy in Egypt held an Arab symposium to support the Palestinian cause, in the presence of the Yemeni Ambassador Khaled Bahah, the Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman, Ambassador Abdullah Al-Rahbi, and the presence of a number of members of the Egyptian House of Representatives and Senate, led by Representative Mustafa Bakri, a member of the House of Representatives, and Representative Sameh Ashour, a member of the Senate. And the former head of the Bar Association.

The symposium aimed to discuss developments in the occupation in the Gaza Strip, and to discuss the colonial issue that still exists in the twenty-first century, in light of the world’s outcry for the defenseless Palestinian people.

It also discussed how to combat the genocide project in the Gaza Strip, in addition to stopping the forced displacement of the Palestinian people.

For his part, Jamal Jabbari, Minister Plenipotentiary of the Yemeni Embassy, ​​said that what happened to the occupied territories in Palestine did not come out of nowhere, but rather was the result of the actions of an extremist Israeli government.

He added during a symposium in support of the Palestinian cause that what was carried out by Netanyahu’s extremist government, which consisted of extremist parties, supports the policy of arrest, killing, torture and humiliation, stressing that the October 7 operation was due to the extremist policies implemented by the occupation government, and that the resistance carried out the operation after it had endured Years of oppression and injustice from the government.

He added that the Israeli occupation responded to the operations by carrying out air and ground attacks on the Gaza Strip, which led to the destruction of infrastructure, UNRWA schools and hospitals.

The Minister Plenipotentiary explained that Yemen is suffering from Iran, which finances the Houthis who overthrew the government in 2014, and carried out crimes against the Yemeni people that are no different from the crimes of Zionism, and that the Houthis showed nominal solidarity with regard to the Palestinian issue, as they did not harm a single Israeli, but rather targeted ships in Bab. Al-Mandab, which led to disrupting the interests of the Arab brothers.

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