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Iraq has condemned US air strikes on pro-Iran forces

by Ingy Ashraf,

Iraq has condemned US air attacks on pro-Iran elements in the nation as a “hostile act” after the Pentagon claimed to have hit three sites used by these forces. According to the Iraqi government, the strikes killed one member of the security forces and injured 24 others, including civilians, and harmed bilateral ties.

In response to scores of strikes against American and coalition forces since the commencement of the Israel-Hamas war, the US has regularly struck sites used by Iran and its proxy forces in Iraq and Syria.

Lloyd Austin, the US Defense Secretary, declared that the strikes were both necessary and proportionate in response to a series of attacks on US personnel in Iraq and Syria by Iranian sponsored militias. The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a loose coalition of armed organizations linked with the Hashed Al-Shaabi, claimed responsibility for the drone assault.

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