Ministry of Emigration and Egyptian Expatriate’s Affairs has established incentives and services for Egyptians abroad

By Ingy Ashraf,

According to the recommendations of the 2022 and 2023 conferences, the Ministry of Emigration and Egyptian Expatriate’s Affairs has established incentives and services for Egyptians abroad from August 2022 to December 2023, offering exceptional discounts in exchange for payment in foreign currency.

A bill adopted by Soha Gendy has fulfilled a 20-year for Egyptians living abroad by exempting cars from fees and taxes.

The rule permits 16-year-olds to acquire cars in exchange for a five-year foreign currency deposit. The deposit has been repaid in Egyptian currency, and the project has been extended for three months. The Ministries of Immigration and Housing have agreed to establish an additional stage for the eighth phase of the “Homeland” project, which will provide permanent housing to Egyptians living abroad. The Ministry and the New Urban Communities Authority are working together to continue providing housing and real estate investment opportunities. The Ministry of Immigration worked with the Ministry of Aviation to provide discounts on airline tickets for Egyptian families traveling overseas. These include up to a 25% discount for wives and a 33% discount for children. The discount age has been raised to 15 years, and Egyptian students studying in China are also eligible. The first suggestions from Banque Misr to issue high-return dollar investment certificates were revealed during a meeting between Egypt’s Minister of Immigration, Soha Gendy, the Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, and Banque Misr Chairman Mohamed El-Etriby. During external tours and community meetings, the bank also collaborated with Banque Misr to provide housing financing loans for ready-made units, encouraging the opening of dollar accounts in foreign currency.
Also following a recommendation from a conference of Egyptian organizations overseas, Soha Gendy, Minister of Immigration, has launched the development of an investment firm for Egyptians abroad. The company’s goal is to protect and grow savings by focusing on sectors and national projects with strong profit margins. The company has been registered with the General Authority for Investment and will be controlled by Egyptians living abroad with financial and entrepreneurial experience. In response to concerns about returning to homeland owing to military service or incomplete positions, Egypt’s Ministries of Immigration, Defense, and Foreign Affairs established an initiative for military service settlement for students abroad from August 14 to October 14, 2023.

The Ministry of Immigration and the Financial Supervisory Authority have jointly issued the first dollar pension document for Egyptians living abroad, titled “Your Pension Tomorrow in Dollars.” The agreement provides insurance protection as well as cumulative savings in foreign currency, with options for lump sums or guaranteed monthly installments over ten or fifteen years. The document is being promoted by the Ministry among Egyptian populations abroad. The Ministry of Immigration and the National Social Insurance Authority are working together to inform Egyptian communities living abroad about their rights and encourage them to use state social security institutions. Soha Gendy, will work with the Ministers of Interior and Foreign Affairs to grant or renew ID cards after gathering the names of 500 community members. Soha Gendy and Dr. Reda Hegazy have agreed to divide the academic year for students taking exams in other countries into two semesters and to develop Egyptian track schools. The decision was made in response to recommendations from an international convention of Egyptian entities. In addition, the Minister of Higher Education awarded university lecturers an additional year of leave to adjust living situations. The Ministry of Immigration has set together a council of young scientists and researchers to use their global university experiences for long-term growth. The council will be organized into specializations and will consist of exceptional Egyptian youth, students, specialists, and scientists. It will be used as a resource for addressing contemporary scientific concerns and establishing strategies for the development era. The Egyptian Ministry of Immigration and Communications is collaborating with the Ministry of Communications to develop a mobile application for Egyptians living abroad, offering incentives, government services, privileges, and training programs.
The Minister of Immigration and Minister of Local Development are collaborating to promote Egyptian handicrafts among Egyptians abroad, aiming to provide easy access to Egyptian products and promote Egyptian culture. The Egyptian Postal Authority is collaborating with ministries to speed up and secure the shipment of identity certificates to Egyptians living abroad. Dr. Sherif Farouk, Chairman of the Board of Directors, met with the Minister of Immigration to explore improving access to developing services such as financial transfers and guaranteed documents. The aim is to emphasize the Postal Authority’s function and create a program for Egyptians living abroad. The Ministry of Immigration and Social Solidarity is establishing an emergency fund for Egyptians living abroad, as well as help for children in foster care, chances for economic empowerment, and relief operations through the Egyptian Red Crescent. The government is working with the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Justice to extend leave and allowances, allowing spouses to work in other countries.

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