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The studios of the Russian Cultural Center celebrate the closing of 2023

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Russian Cultural Center in Cairo organized the annual ceremony for the center’s various studios at the end of 2023.

The celebration began with the opening of an art exhibition by the drawing studio at the Russian House under the supervision of artist Heba Saleh. Then the center’s studios competed in presenting their best talents on the Tchaikovsky Theater, where they began by presenting a theatrical performance by the buds of the Russian Center.

Then the center’s choir, under the supervision of the artist Louisa Plidjanets, presented a group of beautiful voices from children and adults who excelled in presenting various singing passages from Russian folklore.

The children also presented various piano passages from the compositions of great Russian musicians.

The acrobatics studio, under the supervision of artist Yelena Gladon, gave an entertaining show, and the ballet troupe at the Russian House, under the supervision of Dr. Tahani Hassan presented excerpts from classical ballets. The Russian Language Department at the Russian House also participated in a group of artistic performances that included singing and poetry, and the Russian School in Cairo participated with artistic performances of folk singing and dancing.

At the conclusion of the celebration, Denis Bronnikov, representative of Murad Gatin, Director of the Russian Cultural Centers in Egypt, honored the participants in the celebration by giving them certificates of appreciation and souvenirs.

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