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Ukrainian Foreign Ministry: Russia carried out violent attacks using 158 air weapons

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Ukraine said that hundreds of violent and unprecedented attacks were carried out at night on its territory by the Russian Air Force, resulting in infrastructure destruction and loss of life in the capital, Kiev, and a number of cities.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine said, “The Russian Federation launched one of the largest missile attacks on Ukrainian cities and villages since the beginning of its comprehensive invasion” after midnight on Friday.

According to the statement, “The Russians used 158 air weapons in their attack: missiles of various types and attack drones.

The massive attack targeted Kiev, Lviv, Dnipro, Odessa, Kharkiv, Khmelnytsky, and other Ukrainian regions.”

Ukraine said, “Among the civilian targets targeted by the aggression were a maternity hospital, a school, a residential building, a kindergarten, a post office, a metro station, and a shopping center, and these are just some of the civilian targets attacked by the Russian army.” As a result of the attack, dozens of people were killed and wounded, while the search for those trapped under the rubble continues.”

Russian forces are attacking Ukrainian women, children, the elderly and civilians,” the statement said. The crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine today are nothing but revenge on its part for its inability to turn the tide of battle in the fight against the Ukrainian defense forces.”

For his part, Ukrainian Army Commander Valery Zaloghny said that Russian forces launched “the largest air attack” against Ukraine since the outbreak of war about two years ago. Zaloghny stated that 122 missiles, cruise missiles and 36 Daron targeted the country, and that his country’s air defenses shot down 70% of the attacks.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called on the international community to unite all efforts to stop the genocide committed by Russia against the Ukrainian people. Talk of a “truce,” “temporary territorial cession,” “fatigue,” “negotiations,” or other “concessions” will not lead to stopping the aggression. Russia does not take into account any scenarios other than the scenario of the complete destruction of Ukraine.”

The statement concluded by saying, “We are very grateful to our partners who provided our country with air and missile defense equipment.” Today, your help has saved many lives.
The only possible way to protect Ukrainians is to provide Ukraine with all the military and financial means necessary to defend itself. “Russian terrorism must be defeated, and Ukraine must prevail.”

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