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The Arab Parliament demands the use of oil and gas weapons so that the Palestinian people can enjoy their legitimate rights

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Arab Parliament called on the Arab and Islamic countries to study the possibility of using oil and gas weapons, and to stop the supplies, so that the Palestinian people can enjoy their rights and a decent life.

In the final statement issued at the end of its special session held under the slogan “Supporting Palestine and Gaza” at the headquarters of the Arab League, the Arab Parliament stressed the necessity of working by all means to achieve a ceasefire and stop genocide, ethnic cleansing, and other crimes against humanity against the Palestinian Arab people.

The Arab Parliament called for immediate action to implement Security Council Resolutions 2720 and Resolution 2712, provide relief to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, and provide food, medical supplies and the necessities of a decent life, through immediate humanitarian corridors and through an international mechanism.

He affirmed his rejection of displacement in all its forms and forced internal displacement, and his work to return the displaced to their remaining and destroyed places of residence.
He called on the United Nations General Assembly to implement its Resolution No. 377, in accordance with United Nations regulations, by holding a special session under the slogan “Uniting for Peace,” for an immediate ceasefire and providing protection for the Palestinian people, in accordance with international law, international humanitarian law, and sound humanitarian values.
The Arab Parliament condemned all criminal countries that participate in the war, and countries that obstruct international justice in the Security Council, especially the United States of America by using the right of criticism (veto).
He stressed the need to work to push the United Nations General Assembly to request an advisory opinion on the legal aspects of the aggression against Gaza from the International Court of Justice, and in terms of war crimes and massacres committed against the Palestinian people on the land of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
He stressed the importance of pushing to enable the Human Rights Council to investigate the facts into these crimes, as well as for the International Criminal Court to carry out its duty, through a special committee under the supervision of the Court’s Prosecutor General.
The Arab Parliament affirmed that the arrests, which exceeded 4,800 male and female prisoners in the West Bank and an unlimited number in the Gaza Strip, and the atrocities committed against the captive movement and torture to the point of execution inside detention centers and prisons, are crimes against humanity in accordance with all international laws, especially the treaties related to prisoners.
The Arab Parliament asked all relevant parties in the international system to stop the piracy of the Palestinian people’s funds by the occupation authorities, and asked the Arab countries to commit to helping the Palestinian people in accordance with their decisions with the safety net, through the government of the State of Palestine, in light of these difficult circumstances that require solidarity.
He stressed the strengthening of the role and status of the Palestine Liberation Organization and its various frameworks, the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, and the rejection of any attempts to circumvent it, and the status of the Palestinian National Council, “the parliament of the Palestinian people,” calling on all Palestinians to engage in the Liberation Organization in accordance with its regulations and obligations, to unite all Palestinians.
He also called on the Arab Parliament to adhere to the text of the Arab Peace Initiative, to stop normalization until the political rights of the Palestinian people are recognized, to freeze all relations with the Israeli occupation, and to withdraw ambassadors immediately.
The Arab Parliament requested the launch of the work of the legal committee emanating from the Arab-Islamic Summit, to list the decisions related to the continuing violations against the Palestinian people, and to prepare a legal case with the relevant competent authorities.
He called on the Arab Parliament to work with its counterpart parliaments to call for freezing the membership of Israel (the occupying power) in international and regional organizations for committing crimes against humanity and genocidal massacres against civilians, and requested the freezing of the Knesset’s membership in the Inter-Parliamentary Union.
The Arab Parliament asked all members of the Arab Parliament, and through them to the national Arab parliaments, to continue their efforts in every official, popular or parliamentary forum, in defense of the rights of the Palestinian people and to protect them.
He called on Arab and Islamic countries and international organizations to organize a campaign to provide humanitarian and material assistance that would alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people and strengthen their steadfastness.
The Arab Parliament asked its president to organize an inspection and solidarity visit for parliamentarians from the world to the Gaza Strip at the appropriate time.
He also called for the Presidency of Parliament to continue its appreciated effort to support the Palestinian cause and confront the aggression, and asks it to submit a report on the extent of its follow-ups and activities, in the first upcoming meeting or if Parliament requests it.
The Arab Parliament has always affirmed its support and backing for the Palestinian people and their national cause as it is the central and first issue of the Arab nation, officially and popularly, and has paid a tribute of pride, reverence and honor to the martyrs of the Palestinian people and the Arab nation.
The Arab Parliament saluted the Palestinian Arab people for their steadfastness in their land, their connection to it, their defense of it, and their struggle for it, stressing the need for all international and international parties to assume their responsibilities to achieve security, peace and stability in the Middle East, through the only path based on embodying the rights of the Palestinian people. Firm and inalienable, in return, freedom, self-determination, and the establishment of an independent state on the lines of June 4, 1967, with Jerusalem as its capital.
The Arab Parliament praised the popular demonstrations and activities in solidarity with the Palestinian people and the boycott movements of products that support the Israeli occupation and its supporters, and supports their continuation in the Arab world and all countries of the world through the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic communities, and the free people of the world.
The Arab Parliament affirmed its firm position, on behalf of the people of the Arab nation in all its locations, that it stands alongside the brotherly Palestinian people, their struggle, their resistance, and their national struggle to end the occupation and achieve self-determination.

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