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Italy: We continue to send humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Italy announced that, since day one, it has sent humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians, in agreement with the main partners and friendly countries in the Middle East region.

According to a statement issued by the Italian government, Italy sent two planes carrying humanitarian aid, coming from the United Nations logistical base in the Italian city of Brindisi. It also sent the Italian Navy ship Vulcano, which has been operating from December 3 until now as a hospital to treat minor injured Palestinians.
The ship witnesses the cooperation of pediatricians from other countries such as Qatar and organizations such as Francesca Rava.

The Italian government said that cooperation with Egypt contributes to the success of the entry of humanitarian aid, noting that it is studying the establishment of a field hospital in Gaza in cooperation with the United Arab Emirates, and sending pediatricians from the Gazzellini hospitals in Genoa and Bambino Gesù in Rome to help Emirati doctors treat many patients. Wounded Palestinian minors who were transported to the Emirates.

The President of the Italian Senate, Ignazio La Russa, visited the military ship Vulcano, which operates as a floating hospital in the port of Al-Arish to treat injured Palestinians.

La Rossa addressed the ship’s crew, saying: “I was very keen on this visit to express to you how close Italy and the Italian Senate are to you, and also to represent the thought of all political forces and the government in particular.”

He added, according to a statement issued by him: “I was keen to visit you in the period before Christmas, as many of you will spend it here. I hope you know that we are also close to you these days. We are far from you only physically, but we are close in spirit and heart.”

The President of the Italian Senate inspected the ship, shook hands with the injured receiving treatment on board, and exchanged souvenir photos.

After that, the Chief of Defense Staff, Admiral Cavo Dragoni, also visited the Vulcano ship. The day concluded with a visit to the Vulcano hospital ship in Al-Arish, and he met with the ship’s crew, the injured, and the doctors.

First, Admiral Dragoni visited the hospital, where he met the injured and the mother of the newborn girl, who was born on board the ship. She chose the name Italy, Leylene, for her daughter. Dragoni said to the young Palestinian woman: “Leylene’s birth is a message of hope.”

Dragoni then addressed the ship’s crew and doctors, expressing his gratitude for what they are doing, and added: Even if there is one injured person on the ship, he is worthy of the efforts and continuous work of the ship, the sacrifices, and not being with your family during the holidays. We are proud of you as the commander of the army and as an Italian citizen.

Dragoni explained that more than 40 doctors from the Italian Armed Forces and from the Rafa Foundation are working with colleagues from Egypt, Qatar and Yemen non-stop to provide medical care and complex surgical operations, and a psychiatrist is also present to help patients, especially young people, overcome the trauma of war.

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