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The ship Vulcano…an Italian floating hospital treating wounded Palestinians in Al-Arish

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Italy announced that, since day one, it has sent humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians, in agreement with the main partners and friendly countries in the Middle East region.

According to a statement issued by the Italian government, Italy sent two planes carrying humanitarian aid, coming from the United Nations logistical base in the Italian city of Brindisi. It also sent the Italian Navy ship Vulcano, which has been operating from December 3 until now as a hospital to treat minor injured Palestinians.

The Italian newspaper “La Stampa” stated, in a report entitled “On board the ship Vulcano…the floating hospital that treats Palestinian civilians in Al-Arish,” that the ship was produced by the Italian company Fincantieri and carries 9,000 cubic meters of diesel, which is equivalent to about 900 cubic meters. Of drinking water, it can be filled from the home tap in 65 days. It also carries 40 tons of food supplies and has a 200 square meter refrigerator unit and an industrial-standard kitchen through which 500 meals can be packed per day.

There are 170 people working on board the ship, including 30 people belonging to the Italian Navy who are trained to deal with health emergencies. The ship, which includes an equipped operating room and diagnostic tools, is the largest entirely Italian humanitarian support to the Palestinian people, victims of the war on the Gaza Strip.

One of the leaders of the Italian Ministry of Defense, Francesco Paolo Filiolo, said that so far 35 patients have been treated, of whom 18 have been discharged, and 17 are still receiving treatment, including 13 minors, as the ship Vulcano can save the lives of the injured until they exit safely.

He added, “The ship Volcano is a complete hospital, which includes highly efficient equipment, medicines and a highly professional staff.”

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