Elham Shahin: The government isn’t required to give us money

The actress Elham Shahin said: The government must know the value of cinema and its impact on society, because there are no longer producers.


She added: The government is required to provide logistical services. It isn’t required to give us money because they must know the value of art. We are required to create real art and return its leadership to Egypt.


She continued that not all movies have to be action or comedy films, in order to be commercial movies that youth loves.


She also added we want to work on important topics, then where is the role of the inspection?


She also said that all the important and powerful topics that are presented got rejected. We should care more about cinema. We love this country and will evolve from its culture and art, which are strongest thing we have.


The first edition of the Hurghada Youth Film Festival began yesterday, and its activities will continue until September 26. Headed by screenwriter Mohamed Al Basousi .Several celebrities attended, such as Sulaf Fawakherji, Sabry Fawaz, Dalia El Behairy, Ahmed Wafik, Elham Shaheen, Nermin El Feki, Mahmoud Hamida, and Mirna Walid.

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