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Chairman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party: We look forward to stability in the new year… and the region is threatened by wars and chaos

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani, head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, said that the new year represents hope for stability, development and peace, but the entire region is threatened by wars, chaos and a widening circle of conflicts.

Barzani added in a message this evening, Sunday, on the occasion of the New Year 2024 and New Year’s Day, “As we move toward the beginning of the new year, the region in general is exposed to threats that destabilize stability and create crises, wars, and chaos. Therefore, all parties must be well aware that they have the right to… The peoples of the region must live in safety and peace, away from the policy of rejection and denial. Our region can no longer tolerate conflicts, violence, terrorism, and instability anymore. In the midst of this, it is the duty of the international community to play its role and implement its obligations in order to protect peace and security and prevent the expansion of crises and the exacerbation of threats in our region. “.

Barzani continued, “It is hoped that the federal government will move towards addressing the problems with the Kurdistan region, adhering to the constitutional foundations, and achieving the interests of the peoples of Iraq. The message of the Kurdistan people to everyone is always a message of dialogue, understanding, and solution. This is the best way to achieve stability, calm, and progress.”
Barzani expressed his hope that the year 2024 will be the year of the end of the problems of Iraq and the region and that peace and tranquility will be achieved for all the citizens of Kurdistan, Iraq and the entire region, congratulating the citizens of Kurdistan and the families of the martyrs and the heroic Peshmerga.

The President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, also offered congratulations on the New Year to the families of the martyrs, the Peshmerga, the Interior Forces, the Kurdistanis with all their components, and the peoples of Iraq and the entire world, wishing everyone a year full of safety, reassurance, happiness and success.
The President of the region said, “We bid farewell to a difficult year by all standards due to the repercussions of the political, security and economic conditions and the problems and crises of the region, Iraq and the Kurdistan region, during which we faced many dangers and challenges, as the political dispute within the region had a bad impact on the location and status of Kurdistan in Iraq and outside it and led to the region being unable to He was unable to obtain his constitutional rights and entitlements, and was the reason for the postponement of the Kurdistan Parliament elections.We also witnessed its bad effects in the results of the recent elections for the provincial councils in the areas covered by Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution.

Nechirvan Barzani added: Federally, after all the political agreements concluded with the federal authorities and what was stated in the Iraqi constitution, and despite all the dialogues, endeavors and commitments, nothing has been achieved that guarantees the rights of our citizens in accordance with the constitutional entitlements of the Kurdistan region in Iraq, and the security and stability of Kurdistan has been threatened, and is still being done. Through repeated march attacks.

Failure to implement political agreements and failure to disburse the region’s constitutional dues and rights will only cause harm to Iraq. Therefore, all of us in Iraq and Kurdistan must work in a spirit of shared responsibility, acceptance of others, and harmony to address problems and overcome crises.

He concluded by stressing that the Kurdistan Region is continuing to develop its relations regionally and internationally in accordance with the principle of mutual respect and common interests, and will remain a factor of safety and stability, an effective partner for the international community, and an oasis for pluralism and coexistence.

In a congratulatory message, the Prime Minister of Kurdistan, Masrour Barzani, extended his sincere thanks to the citizens of the Kurdistan region for their steadfastness and for enduring the difficult financial circumstances they experienced during the year 2023, as a result of the federal government not sending the region’s salaries and financial benefits, and he hoped that the new year would witness “an end to this injustice and unfairness towards the citizens.” The region, especially salary recipients, and that the issue of financial benefits for the region be resolved fairly, ensuring that salary recipients receive their monthly financial rights, like their peers in the rest of Iraq, and without mixing it with political issues.”

Masrour Barzani said: While I call on the political forces and parties in the Kurdistan region to put the highest interests of the region above any partisan or personal consideration, I urge them to work diligently, to protect the security of our people and preserve their legitimate rights, and despite the great economic challenges that we suffered from in the past year.

With the support of the private sector, we were able to implement a package of service projects in all cities of the region, and in various fields. We also worked, diplomatically, to strengthen and strengthen relations between the Kurdistan region and the countries of the world.

The Prime Minister concluded his message by saying: “I hope that the new year will be a year in which wars, crises and destruction end, that security and peace prevail in the Middle East and the entire world, and that the Kurdistan Region enjoys achievements, growth and prosperity.”

Sherko Habib, the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s office in Cairo, offered congratulations on the occasion of the New Year to the peoples of the region, hoping that it will be a year of stability, peace and brotherhood far from wars and their scourges, and that all parts of the world will enjoy prosperity, specializing in congratulating the Kurds, Iraqis and Egyptians and wishing for greater development of relations between Erbil and Cairo at all levels.

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