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The Russian President announces his country’s presidency of the BRICS bloc: We will begin intensive work with partner countries

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the Federal Republic of Russia has assumed the presidency of the BRICS, a group that includes 10 countries in accordance with the decision of the 15-nation BRICS summit approved last August, which was joined by Egypt, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia. As full members, this is a clear indication of the group’s increasing influence and role in global affairs.

Putin added, in a statement, that the BRICS group is attracting an increasing number of supportive and like-minded countries that share the principles on which the group’s work is based, which are equality in sovereignty, respect for choosing one’s own path of development, taking into account common interests, transparency and consensus, in addition to striving to form a multipolar system. The model of the global financial and trading system and the search for collective solutions to the most pressing contemporary issues.

The Russian President added that Russia’s presidency of the BRICS in 2024 under the slogan “Strengthening multilateralism for equitable global development and security” will focus on positive and constructive cooperation with all concerned countries.

He continued: We will make every effort to contribute to the harmonious integration of new participants into all of the group’s work formats, in order to preserve traditions and build on the experience that the group has gained in previous years.

The President said: Naturally, we will take into account the willingness of many other countries, numbering about 30, to join BRICS and its multidimensional agenda in one form or another, and to this end we will begin intensive work to crystallize the modalities of the new category of partner countries in “BRICS.” BRICS.

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