Egypt’s airports witnessed major increasing in air traffic in 2023.

By Ingy Ashraf,

According to Ministry of Civil Aviation statement, With nearly 26 million passengers on 198,000 flights, Cairo International Airport is the busiest airport in the world.

In accordance with the Egyptian government’s vision to support the boosting of air and tourism traffic to and from the Egypt, Minister of Civil Aviation Mohamed Abbas Helmy emphasized the efficient efforts being made by the Ministry of Civil Aviation to boost the number of passengers flying from and to Egyptian airports.

During 2023, Egyptian airports had major increases in passenger and flight numbers. The overall number of passengers reached nearly 47 million, a 28% increase over the previous year. Meanwhile, air traffic at Egyptian airports reached over 365,000 flights, a 23% rise over the previous year.

Cairo International Airport handled over 26 million passengers on 198,000 flights, Hurghada International Airport handled 8.7 million passengers on 60,000 flights, and Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport handled 5.9 million passengers on over 43,000 flights. Furthermore, Borg El Arab International Airport received over 2 million passengers on 17,700 flights in 2023.

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