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The Russian ambassador to Cairo stresses the importance of Egypt’s membership in BRICS and its pivotal role in the Middle East

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Ambassador Georgy Borisenko, Russia’s ambassador to Cairo, stressed the importance of Egypt’s membership in the BRICS economic bloc in light of its pivotal role in the Middle East and Africa and its great influence on the international arena.

Ambassador Borisenko said on Tuesday that Egypt will contribute to making important decisions about the development of the world in the future, especially in the field of economics, as well as in coordination regarding foreign policy.

The ambassador pointed out that the founding BRICS countries want to establish a multipolar system that is more just as an alternative to the unipolar system, and they currently determine the rules of the game in the world.

He concluded by saying: The BRICS mechanism began using local currencies in commercial transactions as well as in implementing economic development projects.

Egypt officially joined the BRICS group of countries, which includes 11 major countries, led by Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa, and accounts for 25% of the world’s exports.

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