President Sisi met delegation headed by the U.S. Senator Joni Ernst today

By Ingy Ashraf,

President Sisi met today delegation headed by Senator Joni Ernst from the Democratic and Republican parties from several committees in the US Congress. The meeting featured an open discussion of regional issues, particularly in the Gaza Strip.

President Sisi emphasized the following:
The main priority currently is achieving a ceasefire, save civilians, in addition to ensuring that humanitarian aid reaches suffering people in the Gaza Strip in sufficient quantities, in aligning with and implementation of the relevant UN resolutions.

Egypt’s strong rejection of any attempt to settle the Palestinian issue by displacing Palestinians from their homeland.

The only means to achieve long term security and stability in the region is through the settlement based on justice, this will provide real security for all people in the region and prevent future crises and wars.

The necessity of intensive and responsible work to avoid variables that could broaden the scope of conflict in the region, since this could have major consequences for regional and international peace and security.

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