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Aboul Gheit receives a delegation from the US Congress and demands that pressure be put on Israel to stop the war on Gaza

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Yesterday, Thursday, Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, received Democratic Senator Christopher Van Hollen and Democratic Senator Jeffrey Merkley, members of the US Senate Appropriations Committee.

Jamal Rushdi, spokesman for the Secretary-General, said that the meeting dealt with the latest developments in the situation in the Gaza Strip, where the Secretary-General stressed the need for the United States to fulfill its responsibilities to put pressure on Israel to stop the military campaign carried out by the occupying force against the Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, and its persistent efforts to forcibly transfer the population. From the north of the sector to the south.

He pointed out that the Israeli practices are forms of collective punishment that amount to war crimes and violate international humanitarian law, stressing in this context the necessity of working to implement the two-state solution in a serious and real way to end this conflict.

The spokesman explained that Aboul Gheit stressed in the interview the importance of continuing pressure to provide humanitarian aid with the required intensity and through humanitarian corridors and demanding a complete ceasefire.

He added that the Secretary-General asked the two members of Congress that the United States, with its weight, exert pressure on Israel to stop the Israeli war machine on the Gaza Strip.

The official spokesman added that the two members of the US Congress stressed the importance of the Arab role and the role of the Arab League in ending this war. They also explained the importance of working to release the hostages and bring in aid immediately to mitigate the effects of the humanitarian catastrophe that the Gaza Strip is witnessing.

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