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The Qatari Ambassador to Cairo confirms the positive boom witnessed in Egyptian-Qatari relations

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Dr. Hossam Abdel Maqsoud, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Community Care Pharmaceutical Industries in the United States of America, and Dr. Yasser Abdel Maqsoud, yesterday evening, Thursday, hosted a dinner in honor of Ambassador Tariq Ali Faraj Al Ansari, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Arab Republic of Egypt and its permanent representative to the League of Arab States. This is at the Diplomatic Club in central Cairo.

The banquet was attended by a group of diplomats, figures of thought, media, journalism, and businessmen, led by Ambassador Mohamed Al-Badri, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Arab Affairs, Ambassador Nabil Habashi, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Protocol Affairs, Ambassador Amr El-Sherbiny, Egypt’s Ambassador to Doha, and journalist Abdel Mohsen Salama, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahram Foundation. The writer and journalist Abdul Latif Al-Manawi and the journalist Dr. Amr Al-Shoubaki.

During the dinner, friendly conversations were exchanged about the relations between the State of Qatar and the Arab Republic of Egypt, the positive boom that it is currently witnessing, and the permanent and continuous coordination and consultation between the political leadership of the two countries regarding regional and regional issues.

The progress witnessed by relations at the economic and investment levels, the investment opportunities available in the two countries, and the keenness to advance cooperation between them in all fields during the next stage, were also noted.

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