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The Arab Observatory for Human Rights criticizes the American classification of Saudi Arabia on freedom of religion

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Arab Observatory for Human Rights expressed its complete rejection and strong denunciation of the classification announced by the US Secretary of State regarding the situation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which he described as “countries of concern regarding freedom of religion,” stressing that this classification is not based on objective foundations, in addition to being issued by a country that is not It has no mandate or authority to assess the human rights situation in another country.

The Arab Observatory for Human Rights affirmed in a statement today its complete solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in rejecting and condemning this matter, stressing that the Kingdom is one of the countries that enjoys a great Arab and international standing in the field of human rights protection, and has its own advanced national laws and systems that emphasize freedom of belief and are compatible with… Relevant international standards.

The Observatory denounced the blatant American interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the pretext of protecting human rights, while the United States of America is participating in the largest violation of human rights through its blatant support for the crimes against humanity committed by the occupying power in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian territories. The occupation, stressing that this intervention, which comes within the framework of the policy of imposing guardianship on Arab countries, is rejected in its entirety, and will not undermine the Kingdom’s efforts in the field of promoting and respecting human rights.

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