The Sawiris Foundation for Social Development Ceremony 19th edition

By Ingy Ashraf, 

Dr. Nevin El-Kilani, Minister of Culture, attended on the behalf of Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouli the ceremony organized by the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development to honor the winners of the Sawiris Cultural Award.

The ceremony, presented by Jasmine Taha Zaki, included the national anthem, a minute of honor for Gaza martyrs, a documentary screening, and musical performances by the Egyptian Philharmonic Society.

Dr. Nevin El-Kilani stated the importance of arts and culture in human development and promoting a positive image of Egypt. She praised Sawiris Foundation for Social Development’s vision, which emphasizes the importance of collaboration with the Egyptian people and government to reach the ultimate aim of cultural, artistic, and human development.

The Sawiris Cultural Award winners were announced in its nineteenth session, with Fathy Embaby winning the best novel award for “Dancing the Camels” and Heba Allah Ahmed winning the best short story award for “Vanilla Revolution”.

Ahmed nagy earned first award in the novel award for young writers for “Happy Endings”. Karim Mohsen got first place in the short story collection for “This is Not Your Room,” while Ahmed Fouad Al-Din took second place for “Space for Maneuver.” Khaled Ezz got the best screenplay award for “Chaotic Death,” while Khaled Hasona won best dramatic text for “The Last Dance of Kabul.”

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