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Ahmed Karima on the anniversary of the death of Sultan Qaboos: The entire world lost an experienced and intelligent leader


By Manal Abdel Fattah

Dr. Ahmed Karima, professor of Islamic law at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, wrote an article on the anniversary of the passing of Sultan Qaboos, Sultan of the Sultanate of Oman, which was published by the Omani Embassy in Cairo.

Dr. Ahmed Karima’s article stated:
Beginning with “We bear witness only by what we have done.” I worked as a lecturer in Islamic studies at the Ministry of Higher Education – College of Education in Salalah, Dhofar Governorate, for nearly six consecutive years, praise be to God.

The entire world has lost an experienced and intelligent leader, namely the one who is forgiven, God willing – the Almighty – Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed Al Busaidi – may God have mercy on him – and every fair person has the right to mourn him, so quote what Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad Arafa said in appreciation of Ibn Rushd, the jurist and philosopher – may God Almighty have mercy on him. – Except for the wise man who is lying in his grave, comfortable in his resting place, surrounded by a touch of divine light, and over him is a guard of awe and a fence of reverence, who has been guided by the goals of supplications and rained upon him a shower of mercies. To God you are, O immortal soul, returning to its lofty place, you have descended upon us. From your high world, you appeared upon us, the rising of the moon on a wandering night who had lost his way and betrayed the guide. You appeared with guidance, so you were like rain hitting a fertile land, causing grass and grass to grow, and many of them fell. You remained among us as long as God wished for you to remain, and you created those traces that made for you a seat of truthfulness in every soul. What is your shelter and your path, what atmosphere surrounds you, what hopes expand you, and what body carries what you seek?
And if the souls are old, they become tired in their desires. “A.H.”

Your political discourse was liberated, and you were a reformer, a lover, and a lover of all!
You led your country with acumen, skill, and wisdom, freeing it from sectarian, sectarian, and national conflicts and strife, and making it a haven for religious tolerance and human brotherhood. Islamic sects coexist with freedom of thought, Ibadi, Sunni, and Shiite! The followers of divine laws live in Amman without discrimination or fanaticism, and even the followers of man-made laws, including Hindus, Sikhs, and others, work and earn their living without restrictions or persecution! You established Oman and civilization in various fields, building man before architecture, and architecture and civilization in various fields with patience, patience, and deliberation. You established practical, applied Shura in your meetings with your people, listening to grievances and meeting needs in the Sultanate’s states, without concealment or isolation. Human rights were elevated, and one of the manifestations of this is the liberation of Omani women. From the captivity of inherited customs that have no connection to the true religion! How you forgave those who were deceived, and your country was free of intellectual and behavioral terrorism! It has made Oman a role model for environmental protection and peaceful, dignified living
May God grant you, O dear deceased, in the mercy of God, your resting place, the reward for the blessings you have provided that cannot be described by tongue.

The Sultanate of Oman: an Arab country, whose roots go back to pre-history, and part of it was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.

“Al-Ahqaf” converted to Islam voluntarily, without stubbornness, arrogance, scheming, or war. Our master Muhammad, the Messenger of God – may God bless him and grant him peace – sent a message to the King of Oman, Jaifar, and his brother Abd Ibn Al-Julandi.

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