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Speaker of the Arab Parliament: The Palestinian issue is going through its most dangerous stages, and we call on the international community to stop the genocide

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Mr. Adel bin Abdul Rahman Al-Asoumi, Speaker of the Arab Parliament, confirmed that the Palestinian issue is going through one of its most dangerous stages ever, as the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip are exposed, for more than three continuous months, to a war of genocide and forced displacement, and complete massacres and war crimes are being committed against them. Thousands of innocent people were killed, most of them children and women, stressing that the international community was unable, for more than three months, to simply issue a ceasefire resolution and stop the brutal massacres carried out by the occupying power, which transformed an entire sector of a state. Palestine, into a mass grave in which all the basics of life are lacking, and in which the Palestinian people face two choices, both bitter: either death under daily bombardment, or leaving their land and homeland to the usurping occupier.

This came in a speech by the Speaker of the Arab Parliament, before the first meeting of the Palestine Committee of the Asian Parliamentary Association, which was held in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Al-Asomi said: We are facing the greatest crime against humanity in the modern era, and history will immortalize this shameful silence of the international community, which constitutes a disgrace on the forehead of all humanity, and all those whose hands were stained with the blood of innocent Palestinian people, and all those who supported the terrorism practiced by the occupying power, will be held accountable. In the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories, and everyone who remained silent about this heinous crime.

Al-Asoumi pointed out that the events since October 7 revealed the falsity and lies of those who claim to be the free developed world’s sponsors of human rights, and it became clear that the blood of the Muslim Arab is not similar to any blood in the world to them, and he continued, saying: Here I am talking about the governments that support the killers of women. And children and the elderly, and I do not mean the peoples who took to the streets after being ashamed of their governments’ shameful policies, noting the call made by the Arab Parliament to hold a special session of the United Nations General Assembly under the heading “Uniting for Peace,” in implementation of its Resolution No. 377, with the aim of issuing a binding resolution to stop… Brutal aggression, an immediate ceasefire, and providing protection for the Palestinian people, in light of the complete paralysis facing the UN Security Council due to the American veto supporting the crimes and massacres carried out by the occupation forces.

The Speaker of the Arab Parliament added at the conclusion of his speech: If we, as parliamentarians, cannot have weapons in the face of this brutal aggression, we can lead an Arab, Islamic and international movement in order to mobilize the necessary support to support the Palestinian cause and immediately stop the crimes committed by the occupation forces. And holding the brutal occupier accountable for the crimes he committed against our Palestinian brothers.

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