Jaklin Saad has submitted a mandate to support Sisi for a new presidential period

Jaklin Saad, general secretary of the American-Coptic Association and a graduate of the National Training Academy, has submitted a mandate to support President Abdel Fattah Elsisi for a new presidential period.

Jaklin exclusively said to ‘Al Mawq3’ after she submitted a mandate, “The least thing I can express my gratitude to President Sisi is what I did to thank him for the development, construction, and urbanization that Egypt has gained since President Sisi took the responsibility.” Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi declared his candidature for a new presidential period during his speech on day 3 of the Story of a Nation “Hekayet Watan” conference, in the presence of a group of ministers and community activists. During the conference, President Sisi witnessed a presentation about the threats that faced Egypt and the countries of the region and established external relations that protected its national security, strengthened its external relations, and supported its neighbours in the region as a result of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry’s activity during his presence in the Story of a Nation “Hekayet watan” Conference.

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