During the scene..The head of the Palestinian Prisoners Club reveals to “Al mawqa” the fate of the Israeli prisoners held by the resistance

Translated by Ingy Ashraf

Widespread uprising everywhere in Palestine against the Israeli occupation on Saturday, as the resistance fired hundreds of rockets north to Tel Aviv, sounded sirens in Jerusalem and sent fighters to southern cities near the borders of Gaza in one of the attacks, with the attacks continuing.

“Al-Aqsa Flood”, This is how the Palestinian attacks against Israeli occupation were named, It was implemented in order to stop the persistent violations caused by Israeli aggression, and the scope of the Palestinian resistance’s operations has expanded to include the capture of some prisoners from the occupied territory.

In the midst of the fires in Palestine, some people were curious about the fate of the Israeli prisoners after they were detained by the Palestinian resistance.


More explanation from Bethlehem the Reporter Moaz Al Amarneh to ‘Al Mawqa’ What’s happening in Palestine today is something we never witnessed before.


On the other hand, Kadura Fares the head of Palestinian Prisoners Club, described what is happening with the Palestinian resistance raised the spirits and renewed hope to the souls of the Palestinians.

He clarified to ‘Al Mawqa’ that what is happening on Palestinian lands is a result of what is happening by the Israeli occupation on the Palestinians, which caused them to attack to retake their lands.

The head of Palestinian Prisoners Club revealed the fate of the Israeli prisoners and said: “They are prisoners of the resistance and will be kept for an exchange operation between the two sides.”

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