One of the Air Force heroes: The first strike destroyed 95% of the enemy’s targets, and Israeli forces were entirely paralyzed

Translated by Ingy Ashraf

General Pilot Dr. Hassan Mohamed Hassan, one of the heroes of the Egyptian Air Force in the October War, said that the purpose of the air strike was to prevent Israeli air interference during the stage of constructing bridgeheads and arrived the Egyptian Armed Forces to the eastern side.

Hassan added during his exclusive interview in the documentary “The Road to the Victory”, which is on the “Extra News” channel, that the Egyptian Air Force entirely succeeded in its strike because there was no enemy interference until the next morning.

General Dr. Nasr Mossa, one of the heroes of the October War Air Force, clarified that when the Air Force planes hit 95% of the enemy’s targets in Sinai, Israeli forces were on the ground and in the air in Sinai paralyzed. Everyone was in amazement that the crossing was successfully accomplished in only 6 hours.

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