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With Egyptian and international participation, the “Scientific Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage” was launched in Jeddah

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Jeddah Governorate Heritage Authority will organize the “Scientific Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage” next Monday, with the participation of international specialists to discuss studies on this heritage, discuss research projects, and highlight the necessity of preserving the features of underwater heritage, while pioneers in the field and researchers will be honored during the event.

Through the conference, the Heritage Authority seeks to preserve the underwater cultural heritage, focus on survey and excavation projects for underwater heritage sites, and acquire and exchange expertise and experiences in this field, which is integral to cultural exchange emanating from the objectives of the National Strategy for Culture within the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and based on What was announced by Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, Minister of Culture, at the joint cultural meeting of culture ministers in the year 2020 AD, regarding the establishment of a specialized center for the protection of underwater cultural heritage in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf.

The conference includes four dialogue sessions in which the Heritage Authority hosts an elite group of researchers and speakers from inside and outside the Kingdom, to discuss many topics. The first topic will discuss “submerged heritage survey projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” while the second topic will present “results of underwater heritage survey projects around the world.” In the third axis, “Archaeological research sources and modern techniques in surveying and excavation of underwater heritage”; While “Capacity Building and Management of Underwater Cultural Heritage” will be discussed in the fourth and final axis.

During the conference, the sessions of which will be broadcast on the Heritage Authority’s channel on the YouTube platform, the Heritage Authority will host participants from a group of Arab and international countries, namely: the United States of America, Spain, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Italy, Slovenia, Mexico, South Korea, Egypt, Algeria, and Lebanon. , Bulgaria, and Australia.

It is noteworthy that the Heritage Authority is holding the conference based on its belief in the importance of underwater cultural heritage, which is an integral part of national culture and heritage, contributes to shaping the history of peoples and nations, and reflects the historical relations between the Kingdom and ancient civilizations. During the conference, the Authority will organize a historical tour and distinctive activities that will engage attendees and give them valuable information about the importance of this heritage.

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